Luke guides electrical industry business owners to grow their businesses, increase profits & create a world class team using his 20+ years of experience in the industry.


Why Work With Luke

Recommend replacing with 1-3 min video so prospects get to know you. Or minimum an image showing credibility, speaking on stage etc.

Expertise & Experience

Luke Biddle has over two decades of experience working for FTSE 100 Brands within the Electrical Industry, delivering results through business development, managing, mentoring and coaching.

Accredited Profit Coach

Now, as a fully accredited Profit Coach, Luke specialises in helping Electrical Industry business owners find the hidden profits and untapped opportunities in their organisations, put the best systems and processes in place to ensure everything runs smoothly, and create a long-term strategy that builds a robust company and secure future.

The way Luke works

Enjoy Your Business

Helping you to work on the business, driving it forwards, spending just a couple of days on it a week... because business is in your blood.

Sell Your Business

Working with you to increase the value of your company to sell it the highest bidder... because it's such an easy organisation to manage.

Hire Someone To Run It

Alternatively, you can hire an MD to run the business for you whilst you enjoy a passive income and live the lifestyle you desire.


Luke's Story


Cut me in half, and you'll find the word business throughout my core.

From a young age I was fascinated with TV adverts – I grew up in the golden age of TV advertising in the 70’s and 80’s. I saw these adverts as mini movies telling stories about brands and I desperately wanted to be a part of that!

In those early days with only one tv channel it was relatively easy to get your brand noticed and extremely well known – if you had the right budget and the right story.


So after a few years of educational smarts, I started my career in marketing. I remember my first day in the big shiny office like it was yesterday. My first job was creating flyers. I loved the thought it would touch someone’s hand and give them the information to buy.


My passion has always been helping businesses to connect with their audience, which led me to a very successful career in marketing. I love defining the story of a brand and telling it through the many marketing channels we have at our fingertips today… from simple selling scripts to £multimillion digital advertising campaigns.


I also love creating and inspiring teams to do their best work, and as my career progressed from manager to director my leadership style developed from managing to coaching to develop high performing teams.

With a successful career as a Marketing Director in the bag and the accompanying salary and car I was happy with my position on the corporate ladder.



I lost sight of what was important to me

Then one day I was enjoying a pint with my mate John, who out of the blue (after moaning about his life for 20 minutes) blurted out “We should start a business!”

This was John all over - impulsive and often not well thought out. Then he blew my mind. He pulled out of his bag a business plan he’d written and proceeded to show me his projections.


After some consideration, I didn’t go ahead. I thought I didn’t trust John enough to go into business with him. But the truth is, I didn’t trust myself. I didn’t know there was a blueprint to business, and that you could learn it. It was the wakeup call I needed.

So I worked even harder and thought I needed to know more, so I went to as many conferences, seminars, workshops, retreats (even sweat lodges!) to develop my knowledge to become unstoppable.

Sadly, my commitment to my career overshadowed my relationships and led to the demise of my marriage. This was a huge wake up call to me because I had learnt so many tools and strategies to create the perfect life and career – but I had not been implementing what I was learning.


After a bitter divorce and much soul searching, I realised whilst successful - I was no longer fulfilled by my career.

Although it was giving me financial rewards I had lost that direct connection I once felt helping branches directly with their business results. I knew something had to change.

This started me on a journey to discover what it was I actually wanted.


I Can Help Overcome The Obstacles You Face

I began speaking to small business owners and it surprised me how many of them also felt unfulfilled. Whilst I thought they were in control of their own destiny, many felt trapped and in chaos.

Whilst they had freedom and agility, they were missing the structures and processes to experience real control of their business. It struck me that my experience would pair well with business owners.


Now as a PROFIT coach this is exactly what I do.


I didn’t want anyone to have to struggle to make difficult decisions or miss out on opportunities because they do not have the confidence or the blueprint for business success.

I knew the experience I gained from accelerating growth by creating the right strategies and disciplines had equipped me to support business owners to overcome the challenges that I had once been afraid to face myself.


But I knew I needed a proven, repeatable and easy to implement system.

For many months I searched for the world’s best business building system to complement my knowledge – and eventually I found it. 

The P.R.O.F.I.T. system covers all aspects of building & growing a successful business developed from the very best knowledge distilled from over 100 years of combined coaching experience and tens of thousands of hours poring over business books of best practices.


Combining this with my 20+ years working for some of the best FTSE 100 companies in the industry has helped me to develop a unique mindset - together with world class marketing, coaching, mentoring and training skills. 

I now use these distinctive skills, alongside the world’s best business building system to enable my clients to reach their goals and improve their lives.


Being a father I know how important it is for business owners to achieve a balanced lifestyle of personal health and wellbeing, financial security and the time to do the things that are so important to strengthen relationships with the family.

So if you want an experienced third eye perspective to help you to implement a complete, proven system that is simple and painless, then book a call today to see how easy it can be for your business.

"Coaching works because people learn by doing what they would have done anyway - just smarter, faster, better, and with support and feedback." Consulting Today

Use a proven 9 Step system to turn overwhelm & overwork into a business that is a money making machine that runs itself.





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